13 Bea Cummins i am doing granny

13 Bea Cummins i am doing granny
21:48 Nov 7, 2020

The Doctor Is In...Bea's Pussy Previously, 66-year-old Bea Cummins told us that for years, she was stuck in a bad marriage and had a bad sex life. Now, later in life, her pussy has come alive, and she's getting more cock than ever. She loves it. In this scene, Bea is her new, frisky, horny self. She goes to the doctor for her annual checkup, but from the moment she walks into his office, exactly what she wants him to check out is very clear. After looking over Bea and checking her heart rate and blood pressure, the doctor thinks the examination is over. He has given Bea a clean bill of health. Pay your bill, woman! Go home! But Bea isn't done. She wants him to check out her pussy. "But I'm not a gynecologist," he says.

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