Sybil Stallone Showed Fuckstyle Wrestling

Sybil Stallone Showed Fuckstyle Wrestling
07:59 Jul 12, 2020
Ricky Spanish only has one dream, and that’s to be a professional lucha libre wrestler, to the point where he’s decided to never take his mask off until he joins the professional circuit. With a tryout upcoming, Ricky is intensifying his workout routine in the hopes of making the cut, which his busty stepmom, Sybil Stallone, completely supports. When Ricky comes down for breakfast, he’s wearing his mask with normal clothes, which enrages his father. When Ricky’s father lunges at him, trying to remove his mask, Ricky avoids him by sliding through his legs and scurrying away. Later, Ricky finds Sybil in the middle of a workout, and she helps him through a series of exercises, testing his meek physical strength and culminating in a wrestling match where Ricky is pinned. Despite losing the wrestling match, Ricky’s boner is obvious, and Sybil eagerly jumps all over it, leading to the ultimate unmasking right as his father returns. 

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